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Children's Courses


In this course, the following subjects will be covered.

What is First Aid?


First Aid kits

Recovery position


Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Course Overview
    This three-hour practical refresher course provides first aiders with an opportunity to practise and update their skills as a qualified first aider, at any time while their first aid certificate is valid. ​ This session builds on your expertise and confidence by involving you in realistic situations with simulated casualties. Candidates will practise first aid in practical, hands-on scenario sessions. Any protocol updates or changes in first aid treatments will be covered as and when they occur. ​ 3 Hour Course Meets HSE recommendations Recommended annually until first aid re-qualification training is required
  • What topics are covered in this course?
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Mini Medics: First Aid Training

for children

The Mini Medics course is a very basic introduction to First Aid and Defibrillation aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 11, but it can suit children of any age. The course is kept at a basic level with no use of confusing terminologies. 


Mini Medics is perfect for schools and after school clubs, but can also be held within the local community over the weekends or during the school holidays. Providing the venue is suitable, sufficient and safe, the courses can be held anywhere, anytime of the year.

The course will show complete respect for each child's ability, be educational and practical, and instil the importance of helping someone who is poorly or injured. 



Wounds and bleeding




Communication and contacting

the emergency services

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